Manufacturing process management system for Your company!


Control production processes, human resources, production lines, order from Your clients.


Follow production department, each unit, shift and worker productivity, machines, equipments or production lines congestions, production break downs.


Know what, when, where, how and by who will be produced. You need to know all these answers in a matter of seconds. THis system will help You everywhere.


Raise Your manufacture process management to a new level with Horas MPM and become a leader of Your market.


Horas MPM is a manufacturing process management (MPM) system based on mathematics and algorithms. The system optimizes production processes, generate production plans and schedules both for the whole company and each employee. Furthermore, Horas MPM collects data and analyzes statistics, shows productivity and congestion of every working center, helps to identify bottlenecks and problems in advance. Horas MPM allows to manage production processes better and more efficiently. It gives you a detailed production plan (schedule) tailored and optimized according to customer's criteria.

Detailed process scheduling is important for companies where it can have a huge impact on the productivity of processes. The purpose of scheduling is to minimize the overall process time and cost, by manging a production line i.e.: what to make or what to do, when, with which human resources and on which equipment. The main objective of scheduling is to improve the efficiency of the process and reduce costs.

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Benefits of the system
Our clients


  • We were looking for a partner in the field of production management, which have experience in working with other successful manufacturing companies and adapt good practices in our factory. A restructuring of the production of analyzes carried out by consultants and insights have managed to reduce the level of internal storage units and reduce production deadlines for individual product groups from 1.2 to 2.3 times. We have become more competitive in the market. Cooperation has given a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge, which will continue rolling out our successful company.

    Vaidas KučinskasAmalva, LTD. Production manager
  • To give your company a competitive edge we were looking for a partner for training and consulting in the field, who have extensive experience in working with industrial companies. We ordered services, the benefits were clear, and the quality of the first class.

    Jonas SakaitisSkado medis, LTD. CEO
  • Jei gamybos vadovas, neklausdamas kitų, negali per 10-15 minučių atsakyti į klausimą, kokia yra situacija gamykloje, jis nevaldo gamybos.

    Mindaugas SteponavičiusUAB Imperatum, direktorius
  • XXI amžiuje gamybą valdyti vien tik Excelio pagalba tampa pernelyg sudėtinga, vadovai turi spręsti ir kitas problemas, o ne vien tik galvoti ką kuris darbuotojas šiandien gamins

    Nedas RušinskasUAB Technologiniai valdymo sprendimai, direktorius