About Horas MPM

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Horas MPM is a manufacturing process management (MPM) system based on mathematics and algorithms. The system optimizes production processes, generate production plans and schedules both for the whole company and each employee. Furthermore, Horas MPM collects data and analyzes statistics, shows productivity and congestion of every working center, helps to identify bottlenecks and problems in advance.

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The system is being developed by the group of business consulting and IT companies the focus of which is software development for manufacturing process management: planning, scheduling (mixed model), line balancing time estimation, production control plans, optimization, resource planning.

The group has developed the MPM system, which allows manage production processes better and more efficiently. It gives you a detailed production plan (schedule) tailored and optimized according to customer’s criteria.

Horas MPM data profile is process centric, with bi-directional relations for producing and consuming components and reources. There are process, Pkant, Resource and Product data repositories that form the basis of the MPM data base. Very important functionalities in the MPM system are those related with line balancing, time estimation, work instructions and quality control plans. line balancing and wor instructions are the key ones in production.


Horas MPM benefits:
– Precisely planned and tuned production;
– Comfortable and easy way to forward, delay or cancel orders and immediately update the production plan;
– Control of tasks and workers, accurate information about employees and current operations;
– Clear order fulfillment time;
– Congestion of employees, work tools (eg. Machine), workflow;
– Ability to adjust performance rate;
– Clear statistics of break downs, failures, set ups;
– Full control of orders and removal of “chaos” in a factory.

Work schedule

Horas MPM system advantages:
– Custom process design;
– Multiple resource types;
– Combination of resources;
– Work time (calendar) projection;
– Resource planning and control in time;
– Detailed job shop scheduling;
– Production lines with dedicated products;
– Management and analytical information;
– Data analysis;
– Integration of Lean manufacturing;
– Integration of 6 Sigma.


Horas MPM system is based on web technologies and can be installed straight to a server also it can be customized and configured without distirbing the main code. In addition, the system is designed for integration with other systems like ERP (enterprise resource planning), data collection, etc.


Innovative aspects

The main benefit from MPM system is improved manufacturing efficiency by 10 – 50 % derived from better designed and managed production systems. MPM system provides data management as well as analytical abilities. Tasks can be assigned by location and resources. The system involves optimization of parts and processes, production sequence, availability of resouces and area requirements. Horas MPM an automatically minimize non value added work, throughput time and resources. It requires a minimum amount of manual interaction to produce efficient and accurate solutions. Line balancing automatically and accurately defines the active work content and process precedence for each product and option using the product structure.

Process tree

Detailed process scheduling is important for companies where it can have a huge impact on the productivity of processes. The purpose of scheduling is to minimize the overall process time and cost, by manging a production line i.e.: what to make or what to do, when, with which human resources and on which equipment. The main objective of scheduling is to improve the efficiency of the process and reduce costs.