Benefits of the system

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Quick installation

Short installation time, it is one of the first benefits that have been identified by our customers. Just started talking about installing the software, many business leaders remember that this is a long and tedious process, lasting from a few months to several years. Meanwhile, Horas MPM production planning and control system because of its flexibility and mathematics and algorithms based on the operation principle, installed in just a few days.

Easy to use

Due to the intuitive layout and clear architecture Horas MPM program is user-friendly to all its users. Even if You are using computer just from time to time, You will not have problems with our system's interface. It takes a day or two to learn how to work with it. Our clients mention user-friendly feature as number one feature that they recognize. Also we offer a service facility, which includes consultations by phone or e-mail. 

Lean and 6 Sigma tools

Lean and 6 Sigma tools enable management of production processes in the most efficient manner. Companies that have chosen to integrate Lean tools often pay a lot of money for training sessions, but do not reach real results, since they lack a convenient tool for the application of theory in practice. Horas MPM system contain Lean tools such as bottleneck analysis, continuous production (continuous flow), "just in time" principle, kanban pull principle, identification of key performance indicators (KPI), and others.

Simulate situations

The system is adaptive and adaptable to all production companies; at the same time, it allows you to manipulate themselves in different situations, adding and subtracting resources, changing production routes. Often, companies receive requests for one or another emergency order fulfillment capabilities, but few companies can accurately answer or have time to meet 100% of your order. With Horas MPM you can freely change the allocation of resources and monitoring changes in production rate and time.